Our Skyteam 5.5l frame

To remove the rust from the frame we chose to sandblast it, then spray a welding coating on it to counteract the rust process. Because the frame is so affected by the heat, (metal loses some of its strength when it gets too hot), We had to reinforce the frame in several places, also because we are going to use a different suspension, swing arm and front fork, the necessary reinforcements must be made.

The swingarm

The extended swingarm from a pit bike has a different mounting than the standard dax swingarm, the swingarm from a dax falls inside the frame while our swingarm is attached on the outside. To reinforce the frame we have made a shaft between the frame where the swingarm will be.

Upside down front fork

We chose an upside down fork because it looks super cool and sporty on a dax, the fork we use is also slightly longer than a standard dax fork, which makes the moped slightly raised.

The top crown plate of the front fork did not fit, and we decided to make a new crown plate ourselves with the CNC mill. We also had to make a new axle for the crown plates because the other one was too short. this we did with the lathe machine