In this article we will discuss the mechanical drawings, and explain which parts of, for example, the frame reinforcement was needed.

Many parts have to be made new or need to be modified in such a way that completely new working drawings have been made for them.

The complete mechanical parts list:

Part 1: Honda dax logo
Part 2: Assembly saddle holder left
Part 2.1: Bottom saddle holder
Part 2.2: Saddle block
Part 2.3: Saddle holder pin
Part 3: Assembly saddle holder right
Part 3.1: Bottom saddle holder
Part 3.2: Saddle block
Part 3.3: Saddle lock plate
Part 4: Mount shock absorber
Part 5: Reinforcement plate frame
Part 6: License plate holder
Part 7: Reinforcement axle frame

Part 8: Reinforcement axle frame

Part 9: Reinforcement plate frame
Part 10: Crown shaft
Part 11: Reinforcement plate rear
Part 12: Lithium accu cover
Part 12.1: Lithium accu cover
Part 12.2: Lithium accu cover
Part 13: Crown plate
Part 14: Mounting plate br.pump
Part 15: Mudguard bracket small
Part 16: Shaft brake lever
Part 17: Mount headlight
Part 18: Mudguard bracket big

Part 19: Motor mount

Since a front fork comes in from a pitbike, we found out that it needs the necessary adjustments, because the petal plates ran against the frame of the moped, this led to the making of a new petal plate for the top. We also needed a longer axle to connect the top and bottom to the frame.

The swingarm we are going to use comes off a pitbike as well, this too had to be adapted to the frame. Because we also want to use mudguards, we made new mounting brackets for mounting the rear mudguard.

Because we are going to replace and change the suspension completely, we have to strengthen the frame at certain places, we do this by means of a plate which is welded in its entirety to the rear,

By means of pictures we will explain the made parts and where they will be used and attached. Lets begin with all the technical assembly drawings we have made.

  • Total assembly moped

Now that we have had the working drawings, we will continue with the assembly drawings, which indicate where each part made will be assembled. For each part we will indicate how it will be attached and why.

Part 1: Honda dax logo ‘This part is attached on the left side by means of a rivet, it is riveted at the top and the bottom is held by a magnet. The charging port is located behind the logo on the left side. The right side is attached to the frame by 2 rivets at the top and bottom.’ – Made by Mike

Part 2 & 3: Saddle holders ‘The complete assembly of the saddle holders is attached to the frame by means of a weld.’ – Made by Rick

Part 4: Mount shock absorber ‘The mounting block for the suspension is attached to the frame by means of a weld.’ – Made by Rick

Part 5 & 9 & 11: Reinforcement plate frame ‘This reinforcement plate is welded to the frame to make the frame closer to the battery. Part 11 is also welded to the frame but this is to strengthen the frame for the new suspension.’ – Made by Rick

Part 6: License plate holder ‘This plate holder will be attached by screws to the rear side.’ – Made by Rick

Part 7 & 8: Reinforcement axles ‘Both axles are welded between the frame, so that the reinforcement inside the frame is more solid. This is done because another swingarm is inserted, which puts more load on the frame.’ – Made by Rick

Part 10: Crown shaft ‘This is the new shaft that is pressed into the crown plates.’ – Made by Jan

Part 12: Lithium accu cover ‘This part is made by a 3D printer, which has a 60v 15ah lithium battery. This part is fixed inside the frame by means of a screw connection.’ – Made by Jan

Part 13: Crown plate ‘We have chosen to make a new crown plate ourselves, this because the old one could not be used because it touched the frame. the crown plate is slid over the legs of the fork and then clamped.’ -made by Jan

Part 14: Mount brake pump ‘This part is welded to the frame, so that the brake pump can then be mounted on it.’ – Made by Jan

Part 15 & 18: Mount mudguard bracket ‘These two parts are screwed onto the swingarm to create a bracket for the mudguards.’ – Made by Jan

Part 16: Shaft brake lever ‘This shaft is clamped between the brake pump and the brake pedal by means of a screw connection.’ – Made by Jan

Part 17: Mount headlight ‘This mount will be screwed to the crown plate to make a mount for the headlight.’ – Made by Jan

Part 18: Mount motor ‘This mount is made for the motor so it can be secured in the carters.’ – Made by Rick

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