In this article we are going to discuss the cable loom. We have designed this wiring harness ourselves and will explain step by step which components we have used and what they are for.

The drawing is made up of different ‘layers’ for you, only the cable tree overview is relevant. The rest of the drawings are all separate components with the connectors also visible. Check the download link for the pdf download file.

Our wiring harness consists of the following components:

  1. Motor-Controler
  2. BLDC-Motor
  3. Battery 60V 15Ah (bms50a)
  4. Steering control
  5. Flashing lights
  6. Low beam, high beam
  7. Arduino circuit board – is used for automatic lights, and temperature monitoring. We use seperate arduino prints for this.
  8. Step down converter – is used to convert 60V to 12V
  9. Contact lock
  10. Dashboard
  11. Brake switches
  12. Throttle

  • Cable loom overview v1.0

The download link of the whole drawing package is below, it has been uploaded in high quality which makes it easier to read and understand. For questions you can always contact us.

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