There are many different e-motors you can choose for such a project, we initially chose a BLDC engine.

When we will make the moped hybrid in the future we will choose a BLDC Hub motor, this means that the motor is incorporated in the rim.

The specifications of our motor:

Model: MOTOR MY1020
Motor Type: High-Speed BLDC Brushless Motor
Out put /W: 2000W.
Rated Speed : 60V 4250RMB/MIN 35A
Weight: 4.58KGS
Shaft diameter: 12mm
Rated Torque/N.m: 4 N.m
Installation: Center, MID DRIVE SYSTEM.
Sprocket/ Chain: 25H/T8F Sprocket/ Chain.

Our motor is controlled by a controller, there are also many different controllers, including regenerative braking. Our controller was delivered with the motor because we bought a complete set. In the future we will probably choose another controller which offers more possibilities.

The specifications of the controller:

Rated Power: 2000W
Voltage: 48V or 60V
Current: 33A
Mosfet: 15MOS
High-brake and low-brake
reverse function
3-speed output function (60%-80%-100%)

The complete set:

  • BLDC Motor 60v 2000W

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