Our electric moped gets a number of nice additions, because our assignment also has to consist of a piece of control technology. We are going to do this by means of an Arduino, to make a long story short an Arduino is a circuit board which can be programmed.

We have come up with a number of things ourselves:

  • The lighting has to be switched automatically when it gets dark, we will do this by means of an LDR. An LDR is a light-sensitive resistor or LDR (light-dependent resistor) and is an electrical component whose resistance is influenced by the amount of light that falls on it.
  • We want to monitor the temperature of the battery and motor.

The resistance value of an LDR becomes smaller as the LDR is exposed more strongly. As a result, the value of the resistance can vary greatly. The material used is usually cadmium sulphide, the resistance in the unexposed state (dark resistance) is 1-10 MΩ, while the resistance at exposure (light resistance) (depending on the type and amount of light) is 75-300 Ω. LDRs react rather slowly. Building up the dark resistance in particular has a half-life in the order of a few hundred milliseconds.

We also want to monitor the temperature of the motor and battery, an Arduino print is ideal for this as well. This temperature controller controls the temperature of any heating device with given set points, It also displays state of the device either on or off and current temperature.

  • Arduino LDR circuit

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