The frame

On the page ‘frame work’ we will tell you how we refurbished the frame, you will also find the working drawings and the downloads.

Brake system

the brake system itself is worth a separate page, because we use two brake discs at the front and rear.


The suspension is custom made, because normally two shock absorbers are used, we made a monoshock.

The Frame

On this page we will explain, among other things, how we got the swingarm to fit into the frame, how we made the front fork including the crown plates and axle, and what reinforcements were needed to strengthen the frame again..

The brake system

Normally there are drum brakes on the honda dax, personally I think disc brakes look much nicer and sportier. In my opinion i prefer disc brakes due better braking.

To get this fitting and working we had a lot of work to do.

Monoshock suspension

The original Honda Dax uses two shock absorbers attached to the frame and to the swingarm. Because we use an extended custom swingarm, we put a monoshock spring on the dax because it looks cool and not many people have it. To get this done we had to take a few things into account.