The accu

We are using a 60V, 15Ah with a BMS of 40 amps. The battery is an lithium ion pack so its very compact!

The motor

For the motor we use a 60V 2000W BLDC mid drive motor, powered by a 60V 2000W motorcontroller

Electrical installation

We made the cable loom ourself, on this page we will explain the loom and show the drawing pack.

The accu:

The battery is an important part in such a conversion, you have different types of batteries:

  • LiFePo4,
  • Lithium Ion, < our pick.
  • Lead Gel,
  • Lead-Acid,
  • Lithium Polymer

I will discuss which battery we have chosen and why. Our motor has an operating voltage of 60V 2000W so we also need a battery that can supply us with 60V 40A (I=P/U)(2000w/60v=40a).We have chosen the 60v 15Ah with a max discharge rate of 40amps

This battery has the Li-Ion technology, Li-Ion batteries have the advantage that they are relatively light and compact, have a low self-discharge and require virtually no maintenance.


Protects battery against overcharging and undercharging.


This type of battery uses NMC 18650 cells.

  • Voltage: 60V
  • Capacity: 15Ah.
  • Energy: 900Wh
  • Max. Continuous discharge current: 40 A.Max.
  • Peak discharge current: 120 A.
  • 319 x 119 x 69 mm.

The motor:

There are many different e-motors you can choose for such a project, we initially chose a BLDC engine.

When we will make the moped hybrid in the future we will choose a BLDC Hub motor, this means that the motor is incorporated in the rim.

The specifications of our motor:

  • Model: MOTOR MY1020
  • Motor Type: High-Speed BLDC Brushless Motor
  • Out put /W: 2000W.
  • Rated Speed : 60V 4250RMB/MIN 35A
  • Weight: 4.58KGS
  • Shaft diameter: 12mm
  • Rated Torque/N.m: 4 N.m
  • Installation: Center, MID DRIVE SYSTEM.
  • Sprocket/ Chain: 25H/T8F Sprocket/ Chain.

The motor controller:

Our motor is controlled by a controller, there are also many different controllers, including regenerative braking. Our controller was delivered with the motor because we bought a complete set. In the future we will probably choose another controller which offers more possibilities.

The specifications of the controller:

  • Rated Power: 2000W
  • Voltage: 48V or 60V
  • Current: 33AMosfet: 15MOS
  • High-brake and low-brake
  • reverse function
  • 3-speed output function (60%-80%-100%)

The cable loom:

We have designed this wiring harness ourselves and will explain step by step which components we have used and what they are for.

The drawing is made up of different ‘layers’ for you, only the cable tree overview is relevant. The rest of the drawings are all separate components with the connectors also visible. Check the download link for the pdf download file.

We have designed this cable loom within Eplan