Omdat onze bromfiets later opnieuw gekeurd gaan worden gaan wij hieronder de normen van de RDW vertellen, dit is erg van belang voor ons project.
Because our electric moped is going to be a smart device we are also going to use some nice technical features. We are going to do this with an Arduino
In this article we will discuss the mechanical drawings, and explain which parts of, for example, the frame reinforcement was needed.
For this project we were forced to create our own wiring harness, in this article we will explain how de did this with the pdf files imported.
In the next article we will explain how you can calculate a gear ratio of needs and your speed acquired with it. We will support this calculation with formulas.
In this article we tell you which motor (middrive) we use for our project and which controller controls the motor in order to operate.
In this article we explain which lithium accu we used, and what kind of batteries are suitable for such a project. We will support formulas for a calculation.